Keeping Your Pets Warm and Safe During Winter


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Now that the cold winter is here, weโ€™re looking for ways to keep ourselves warm โ€“ from pulling out blankets to wearing socks, hats and gloves. However, we are not the only ones who are trying to beat the winter cold. Even our furry little friends are trying to make sense of these weather changes and looking for ways to keep warm.

You may think that just because they have their furry coats, they donโ€™t feel the cold, but youโ€™re wrong. So, here are some steps you can take to help keep your pets warm sand safe during winter.

  • Donโ€™t let them spend too much time outside
    You may be tempted to play with your pet outside in the snow, but spending too much time outside during winter isnโ€™t the best idea. Dogs especially, may like to play in the snow, but make sure their time outside is limited. Your pets, even though they have furs, arenโ€™t meant to be in the freezing outdoors for long periods of time. Even when they step outside, it should only be to engage in physical activities, and this should be limited too.
  • Give them warm sweaters and coats
    You can get your pet a cute, little sweater to help keep them warm during winter. They will appreciate the extra warmth. When going outside, they will need these to protect them from the biting cold. Especially if your pet isnโ€™t thick-furred like certain dog and cat breeds, make sure they have this extra layer of protection and warmth with them.
  • Make sure their precious paws are protected
    Apart from a sweater or a jacket, make sur to get cute booties for your pet too! Many pet-owners tend to forget that their petโ€™s paws are exposed to all kinds of harsh surfaces. They come in direct contact with the freezing ground, not to mention various toxic chemicals like de-icers and antifreeze they may pick up. Wipe their paws to keep them clean, and give them booties to keep warm.
  • Keep winter hazards away from their reach
    Just like any other weather, certain items in the house may not be the safest for your pet. And since pets can eb extremely playful and curious, itโ€™s best to keep such hazardous objects and items away from their reach. For instance, if you have a space heater at home, there is high chance that your pet could burn themselves. So, keep this away from their reach.
  • Give them a cozy and warm bedding
    Just like how you like to cozy up with warm and snuggly blankets, you pet also enjoys covering themselves in layers of blankets. Make sure to provide them with a few extra layers of warmth during the winter to make their nights more comfortable.
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