Keeping Your dogs' Eyes Healthy

Keeping Your dogs' Eyes Healthy

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You love to look at your dog's eyes. You suddenly notice something not quite right with the canine. The problem is that the dog will not allow you to touch its eyes so that you can clean the yellow buildup which has appeared in the corner of the canine's eyes. There could be chances that the dog may suffer from swollen red or yellow eyes. It is time to take your best friend to a veterinarian before its eyesight gets impaired due to an injury or infection. You will have to take a few precautions at home.

Plant and herbal remedies

You have a choice of eight herbs and plants when it comes to caring for your dog's eyes. These remedies are applicable for human eyes too. Do not hesitate to try them on your eyes as well. Do remember to take the dog to the veterinarian before you offer a natural solution to your canine.

Calendula is an important plant in this regard. The plant is perennial and herbaceous. It belongs to the Daisy family and mostly found in the southwestern part of Asia. The Mediterranean and Western Europe. Use this plant to concoct washes, tinctures, and ointments as remedies for eye infections in your dog. Chamomile tea also makes an excellent eye cleaning solution. To use Chamomile, dip a cotton ball in a cool cup of tea. Press gently on the closed eyes of the dog. This will soothe the area and keep the eyes healthy too.

Teas and grape seed extracts Eyebright tea is also an excellent solution. Take a cotton ball and dip it in a cool eyebright teacup. Follow the same procedure as before by pressing the ball in the closed eyes of the dog. This remedy can be used like chamomile tea when it comes to refreshing the eyes of the dog. Another excellent plant is Goldenseal tea. It is to be used in the same manner as eyebright and chamomile tea. All these three teams are not only soothing but also safe for your dog. You can also use an extract from grape seeds, These are anti-oxidants and benefits the eyes of the dog as it is anti-fungal and non-toxic. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and have anti-bacterial properties. Grape seed extracts can be used to treat any eye infection if seen in the dog. Mix five grape seed extract drops or its oil in one cup filled with distilled water. Dip a cotton ball in mix and then squeeze out the liquid. Wipe the eyes of the dog in a gentle manner. Follow the identical procedure for your dog's skin or ears. The infection will be cleaned. You can help your dog to see better by adding a minute amount of licorice root in its food.

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