Keep Your Dog Calm and Happy This Thanksgiving

Keep Your Dog Calm and Happy This Thanksgiving

If everyone is coming to your house for Thanksgiving, it can be a lot to handle -- and not just for you. It's important to think about the day from your dog'sย perspective as well. If you want to prevent them fromย jumping on the guests, begging for food, or otherwise misbehaving, it's a good idea to keep the day as stress-free as possible for your pooch. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure your dog is on their best behaviorย when you host Thanksgiving dinner.

Talk to your guestsย 


DogTime recommended that people talk to their guests about how to interact with their dog if they're unfamiliar with this particular pooch. It's very important to tell your guests everything from specific concerns about your dog to basic ground rules, like "don't feed him table scraps." This is particularly important with young children and their parents.ย Make sure there's supervision and they're aware how your dog is with children. Even the most docile and friendly dogs can snap whenย a toddler yanks on their tail or tugs on their ear.

Take a big morning walkย 


If you want your dog to be well-behaved by the time the guests show up, it's a good idea to have them burn off a little extra energy during the day. Take a long walk around the street, go for a hike where he can safely run off-leash or play some serious fetch at the park. This way, when the guests start to show up, your dog will be calm, cool, and collected -- possibly even snoozing in the other room!Another bonus to taking a big walk early in the day is that it's a great way to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving night yourself.

Set up a space for your poochย 


Whether it's your bedroom or home office, find a space where your dog can escape the chaos to catch a few z?'s or relax. Introduce him to this space prior to everyone coming over and put some water, a bed and toys in there to make it more appealing. If your dog is having trouble with the guests or a young kid is bothering him, feel free to bring him to this sanctuary to control this situation. Many dogs need this space to get away from the noise of dinner or a football game, Furlocity explained.Use your


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