Is Your Dog Suffering from Low Immunity? Here is a List of Foods that Can Boost His Immune System

Is Your Dog Suffering from Low Immunity? Here is a List of Foods that Can Boost His Immune System

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Your dog may be prone to illnesses and infections. While itโ€™s important to limit his exposure to the substances that cause sickness, it is even more important to boost his immunity. Here is a list of foods that you can incorporate in your petโ€™s diet, to ensure he is healthy and safe:

  • EchinaceaEchinacea purpurea is a herb that can boost your dogโ€™s T-cell production, thereby increasing his immunity. From flu to respiratory tract infections, this herb can heal it all. But an important thing to note is that some dogs are allergic to the Echinacea extract. Be sure to check if your dog is too, before incorporating this herb in your dogโ€™s diet.
  • MushroomsCertain medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps and reishi have anti-cancer properties. They can help slow and sometimes even stop the growth of tumors in dogs.
  • Fish oilApart from boosting your petโ€™s immunity, fish oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Shark oil can be used to improve the health of your dogโ€™s coat.
  • Vitamin E and Vitamin CVitamin E is important for your dogโ€™s immune and cardiac health. Use supplements that have been designed specifically for dogs and not the ones made for human consumption.Vitamin C found in citrus fruits, vegetables and organ meats can do wonders for your dog, especially if he has a weak liver or liver disease.
  • Olive leaf powderFrom preventing allergies to treating osteoarthritis, olive leaf powder is highly beneficial for your dog. The powder, which is best when mixed with dog food, is a major immunity booster.
  • RosemaryRich in calcium, iron and Vitamin B6, rosemary is great for strengthening your dogโ€™s bones.
  • PeppermintPeppermint is the best cure for your dogโ€™s upset stomach. Apart from strengthening his immunity, peppermint reduces nausea and gas.
  • YogurtThe only probiotic that can be consumed by dogs without concern, plain yogurt offers multiple gastrointestinal benefits to your pet.
  • Coconut oilCoconut oil helps improve your dogโ€™s digestion and it is best known for preventing diabetes in pets. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.
  • PumpkinPureed raw pumpkin is the best solution for constipation and diarrhea in dogs. Youโ€™ll see an immediate shift in the consistency of his stools.
  • Diatomaceous earth (DE)Your dog may have picked up parasites, which may cause a host of diseases. A spoon of DE in his meal will kill any internal parasites.
  • TurmericCurcumin, found in turmeric, is best for removing blood clots and healing joint pain in dogs. It can also reduce the chances of your dog developing dementia.
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