Is Your Dog Rolling in Poop? Here’s What You Can Do

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Is Your Dog Rolling in Poop? Here’s What You Can Do
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Dogs are a really mischievous creatures. They bring a lot of joy into our lives by being playful and energetic, but they can also be messy at times. They have a tendency to roll in things that are especially smelly. You and your dog have very different views on what smells good and what doesn’t.

Why does your dog choose to roll in poop?

We have completely different opinions on what smells nice. I.e., the fragrance used in your dog’s shampoo might smell pleasant to you, but your dog doesn’t agree. That’s why he rolls in something more acquired to his taste right after his bath. He could roll in animal carcasses, feces, and even garbage. This is so he can get back to smelling the way he’s more comfortable with. He doesn’t do this because he wants to be defiant.Dogs rolling around in poop is quite normal for them. It’s actually pretty common among dogs. He does this because he believes that it masks his scent so he can go around undetected like his ancestors used to. Wolves still roll around in animal carcasses and droppings of other animals so they can cover up their own scent. This helps them during a hunt. Their prey is usually off-guard because they can’t smell the wolves coming.

What can you do to stop this?

While it’s normal for him, it’s understandable if this kind of behavior makes you a little uncomfortable. Just because it's a little typical of him to roll around in a mess, it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it. What you need to remember, is that you should never punish him for it. Punishing him would actually make him defiant and want to do it even more.You can clearly see that dogs like having a sense of power. That’s why they urinate on things to mark their territory. By punishing him for something that seems normal to him, you’re taking away some of his power, and as you might guess, this doesn’t sit well with him.What you can do, is wipe him down immediately after he’s rolled around in something nasty. If you and your dog are a fan of long walks, always keep him on a short leash which will prevent him from rolling around in other dogs’ feces and other smelly things. Something else you can do to get him to stop rolling in his own poop is to associate that kind of behavior with something unpleasant. Dogs hate the smell of citronella. You could use a citronella spray collar to limit his rolling around in unpleasant things. You could also try squirting him with some water right after he rolls in his poop.

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