Is your Dog Low on Energy? 5 Ways to Get Him Excited about Playing

Is your Dog Low on Energy? 5 Ways to Get Him Excited about Playing

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Have you ever felt as though your dog is low on energy? Does your four-legged friend like in a corner when you want to play a game of fetch with it? Even though dogs are playful by nature, if your dog is bored, unhappy, or lonely, it is more likely to sulk around. Here are five ways you can get your furry friend excited about playing.

  1. Establish a routineUnlike humans who get bored with the same routines, dogs love having a routine in their lives. If they donโ€™t know what to expect during the course of the day, they will feel stressful and avoid playing altogether. Set aside some time every day so that you can play with your furry friend.
  2. Use a variety of toys for different gamesThere are occasions where your dog will be more interested in playing games with you when toys are involved. This means that they rather focus on their favorite toy than anything else you have to offer. You can use a variety of toys to spice up the playtime with your furry friend. Instead of only using a ball or a stick to play fetch, you can use a frisbee. If you want to play tug of war, you can use towels instead of ropes.
  3. Give treats to your four-legged palOne of the best ways to get your four-legged friend excited about playing games is to hand out treats before and after you play a game. Dogs love food and will literally do anything to ensure that they get the treat. Every time you get ready to play a game of catch, offer it a treat. After you are done playing with your dog, give it a treat to show that you are happy. This way, your dog will get excited every time you want to play with it.
  4. Verbally praise your furry friendPositive reinforcement such as โ€œgood boy/girlโ€ or โ€œgood jobโ€ or โ€œwhoโ€™s a good boy/girl?โ€ will work wonders when you have to get your dog excited about playing games. You will create a positive environment and it is a great way to complement your furry friend after an intense session of playing. Moreover, your dog will understand when you want to play with it, making it easier to get it excited.
  5. Allow your dog to play with other dogsOne of the best ways to get your dog excited about playing is to introduce it to other dogs. Your four-legged friend will become happy when it is around other canines. If your dog is feeling lonely, this method will get it up and running in no time.

Donโ€™t worry if it is taking time for your dog to get excited about playing with you. By following these simple methods, your dog will always be ready to play a game or two of fetch.

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