Is Your Dog Eating Cat Feces? Hereโ€™s How to Stop It

Is Your Dog Eating Cat Feces? Hereโ€™s How to Stop It

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Believe it or not, your dog eating your catโ€™s feces or poop is not that uncommon. Most dogs will at some point eat cat poop if the opportunity arises. In fact the habit is so common that it even has a name; Coprophagia. While the exact reason for why dogs eat cat feces is not known, one theory suggests that dogs can smell undigested food in cat poop and think that itโ€™s good enough to eat.If you own both a cat and a dog and your dog is eating out of the litter box, here are a few tips to help you get it to stop:

Deny access:

One of the easiest ways to stop your dog from eating cat poop it to keep the litter box out of reach. You can place the litter box on a high-shelf which the cat can access but not the dog. Placing a baby gate around the little box can keep a big dog away while the cat is still able to fit through the bars and get to the box. You could also place the little box in a cabinet with a small opening so only the cat can enter and not the dog.

Clean up:

Another way to stop your dog from eating out of the litter box is to clean it out as soon as your cat has used it. This might not always be possible but you could schedule regular intervals to clean out the box to prevent the dog snacking out of it.

Train your dog:

While inside the house it is easier to take measures to stop your dog from eating cat feces, it could be a bit more challenging when taking a walk outdoors. If you see your dog going towards cat poop use a firm โ€œnoโ€ or โ€œstopโ€ command. When trained from an early age dogs are very obedient to these commands. If your dog has already picked up a bit of cat poop in its mouth you could always ask it to โ€œdrop itโ€. These commands are simple and easy for a dog to follow and should be taught to them while there are puppies. Make sure to use a stern voice to show that you mean business.

Muzzle up:

If all else fails then you will probably need to put a basket muzzle on your dog when out for walks or even in the house. Not all dogs are comfortable with the muzzle and some even get a bit of anxiety from it so save this as a last resort.It is not always easy to change a dogโ€™s behavior but with patience, love and positive reinforcement you will be able to succeed.

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