Is your dog doing something weird? Learn about their body language

Is your dog doing something weird? Learn about their body language

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You and your loving dog, unfortunately, do not speak the same language. For you it means that comprehending what your dog is trying to say can be exhausting. These miscommunications can be frustrating and funny,The problem arises when miscommunication leads to serious training or behavioral problems. This makes life difficult both for you and also your dog. Do note that canine behavior is a wide topic. A lot remains to be learned. We still do not understand why dogs behave in specific ways or do specific things.

Canine body language

Your dog could try to please another dog by seeking attention. It could do one or multiple of behaviors like ear or muzzle licking or both. It could curve or lower its body, or jump up and down. It could also blink its eyes. Its teeth could be exposed or lick the lips. Your dog could lower the ears and the head for appeasement. It could also bow. These are all examples of active appeasement.The list of passive submission tactics include body freeze and cowering. These are done as a response to increased fear due to perceived threat. Other than appeasement, your dog could also use displacement signs so that it can avoid a confrontation. The body signals are actually a distraction to cover up what the dog is really feeling. Licking, yawning, sniffing and scratching can be regarded as active behaviors which keep your dog calm. These activities offer a distraction to make sure that attention towards him from others gets refocused on someone else.

Discomfort and nervousness

Stressed dogs exhibit a number of behaviors which help to relieve their stress. These are also made to appease perceived threat. Your dog will yawn when it gets nervous. Licking the lips does not mean your best friend is hungry. This behavior means it is afraid.

Curious and anticipation

Your dog is naturally curious. More confident dogs can deal with change more effectively. Your dog will measure up any situation using a few behavioral traits. These reassure your dog that it is safe. The list of mannerisms include head cocked only to one side or to the other. Its front paw can be lifted. This means it is anticipating what will happen, and what your canine must do next. If its mouth is closed, it means your dog is sizing up the situation to prepare for action.There are times when your dog chases its tail. For puppies this is a method to expend the excess energy. However, if this is done constantly, there could be a chance that your dog may have flea allergy dermatitis or even anal gland problems.

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