Is Your Cat Crazily Hyper? Here's How To Calm It Down

Is Your Cat Crazily Hyper? Here's How To Calm It Down

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They are small, they are cute and they are cuddly. Cats are our perfect flat mates. But not when they are acting all crazed and hyper!

Do you have a hyperactive kitten?

Does your kitten run around in frenzy, nibble your toes, knock things down and climb up the curtains? Relax. This is normal healthy kitten behavior. Kitten proof your home and remove anything that would be dangerous to them. Stop them from playing with your clothes and body by redirecting them to toys instead.

Do you have a hyperactive teenager?

Adolescent cats display strange and often destructive behavior. They howl, scratch, spray urine and may even refuse to use their litter box. Though it looks like your cats are throwing teenage tantrums, they are not. They are just trying to communicate with their potential partners and competitors. Unfortunately, neutering is the only answer to curb this frenzy.

Do you have a hyperactive cat?

Even grown-up cats can be quite playful. Contrary to common perception, cats are not solitary creatures. Like us, they too get bored when they have to sit around alone, doing nothing all day. What we can do to help?

  • Give them attention. Play with them. When cats are confined to an apartment with no mice to chase and no trees to climb, they tend to become hyperactive. Playing strengthens the bond between you and your pets and provides them an alternate means to expend that excess energy. Simple, inexpensive toys like a flash light on the floor or a toy tied to a string can keep you and your pets engaged for hours!
  • Keep a stash of soft toys for your cats. Cats are nocturnal by nature and if there is nothing for them to do during mornings, they sleep all day. As a result they are wide awake and playful at night. Soft toys would keep your pets โ€˜quietlyโ€™ occupied while you snooze in peace! You can also try playing with them in the evenings so that they get tired and go to sleep at night.
  • Give your cats interactive toys like treat balls and turbo scratchers. They would also love a cat tree with hiding places and a view! The cat tree can also double up as a scratching post.
  • Consider bringing home another cat to give your pet company. But be careful to introduce them to each other gradually.However, if your adult cats show unusual aggressive behavior or become hyperactive all of a sudden, it is best to take them to a veterinarian for a check-up. Hyperthyroidism, a thyroid gland disorder, can cause hyperactivity which might need medication.
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