Is your cat bored? 5 Ways to entertain your fluffy companion

Is your cat bored? 5 Ways to entertain your fluffy companion

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House cats, particularly indoor cats, can be prone to boredom, and yes, I know, cats always look disinterested in what you are saying. However, kitty boredom is a real problem and it is believed to lead to depression. It is very easy for an indoor cat to slump into a cycle of boredom and start routinely displaying signs of neurotic behavior. There are numerous things you can do to keep your cat entertained to ensure that it will lead a long, happy life.

Companionship is important

If your cat spends a lot of time at home alone, consider getting another cat or dog or a pet it can 'hang with.' Companionship is essential to warding off loneliness and depression in your kitty. However, if your cat is older, introducing a new pet may be challenging, but it is worth it to give your furry friend a new friend. Two cats in the house will lead some productive playtime and you can feel less guilty about leaving them behind when at work.


Numerous studies have proven that cats appreciate slow, soothing, and melodious sounds. Try out different types of music to see what your cat appreciates, and you should be able to gauge their level of interest from body language. Once you know what your cat likes, you can play the music on a stereo or speakers when you are away. Cats respond best to soft music, and you can ideally leave the music playing in one corner room so that your cat can move around when it doesn't want to listen to the music anymore.

Play pen

Having a play pen full of all types of cat


is essential to ensuring cat happiness. Introduce new toys every couple of weeks or so so that your cat has some variety. You don't need to buy expensive toys and simple things such as laces and socks will make your cat go bonkers.

Snacks and treats

Let's face it, indoor cats will be always be a little fat and fluffy. You can set up a treat puzzle toy system where your cat's brain and muscles need to work to solve it and get the treat. Plus, it is an excellent way to ensure that your cat is not reliant on you for feeding. You can always set the amount of food that can be eaten by the kitty to ensure that it does not overeat.

Play with your cat regularly

You need to play with your cat(s) for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis unless your cat prefers otherwise. Cats are known to like routine so you can set a regular play time to keep your feline companion entertained. Playing is an excellent way to bond with your kitty and a good time to laugh at the way it reacts to certain items while playing.

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