Is overstimulation a stress-trigger for your cat?

Is overstimulation a stress-trigger for your cat?

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Cats rarely have any chance to be stimulated. Although cats are extremely social animals with families, they are also wary of strangers. These felines could be stressed out if you invite too many guests to your home. This stress can increase if you devote less time to your kitty. A number of reasons exist for cats to be overstimulated. If continued, these are recipes for disaster, in the long run, It is possible to understand whether your kitty is overstimulated by careful observation.

Sensory overload

You can figure out as to whether your cat is stressed or not. There will be marked changes in its behavior. The feline's sleep pattern will be altered, along with its energy and appetite levels. If in-case the stress increases with time, then the cat may display signs like meowing, aggression, excessive grooming, and tremble. Urination could also be unpredictable. Do know that these signs of stress may hide any underlying medical problem. Consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.A hyperactive cat spells out overstimulation. Believe it or not, an overstimulated cat and a bored cat look nearly the same. Hyperactivity in any cat means the feline is suffering from sensory overload. A number of cats will begin to behave in a somewhat erratic manner. They will run around and bite things they are generally uninterested in. Do not mix this abnormal behavior with the cat getting happy and doing nearly the same thing. Consider toning down the stimuli if your cat's behavior continues this way.

Hiding, biting, and scratching

A hyperactive cat may hide if it is overstimulated. It is more so if the cat is not social like other cats. This behavior will be seen when you have guests over in your house. Your cat could try to hide under the bed and not sit under the dining table as usual begging for scraps. Felines seek comfort when overstimulated. You must permit them to seek refuge away from the excitement. In case you notice your kitty hiding in a closet, do not coax it out.An overstimulated cat may also bite and scratch. An overstimulated company could be fearful. It has nowhere to hide and turn to aggression to put off people. The cat may not normally be aggressive but they feel overwhelmed and find ways to search for comfort which will work with the natural defenses they have. Conversely, cats which are usually excited could become nippy and mouthy. Since cats play and bite with each other, it makes sense that they will do the same to humans. This is how they play. The problem is that it could be comfortable for the cat, but not for you. This is truer when your cat treats you like a huge cat tree.

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