Is it okay to leash your cat?

Is it okay to leash your cat?

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An increasing number of cat owners take their pet out for a walk on a leash. Most-but not all- felines love being outside, an environment of birds' mellow chirping and the scent of trees and grass. If your cat is of the outdoor type, then walking it on a leash will strengthen the bond which exists between you two. It is perfectly okay to leash your cat.Do understand not all cats like a leash to put around their body. They may not like to walk outside the home. If your cat is of the indoor type, do not force it outside. Respect its decisions.

Not all cats love unadulterated nature

Not all cats love to go outside the house. Some may actually detest trees, grasses, and wild animals. Those who do love being outside may love it so much that they scratch everything, especially trees. Once they understand you have no problem if they scratch outdoor things, they will be extremely happy. Remember a cat outside will be much more intelligent than an indoor cat. This is as the outdoor kitty thinks more. It will find out how to use its body and the smells of different things which come its way. The cat will be more engaged.Taking your cat outdoors may transform the always scared kitty into a brave feline. When your cat knows that nothing bad is waiting for them around the corner, it will be more confident. Being confident means a happier animal.

Train before leash

Do not put the leash on your cat one fine day and then take it outside. Train it indoors before you open the main door. Buy a harness and keep it in the house. Allow your kitty to get familiar with it. When it does, strap your cat in. Ensure the harness makes a comfortable fit. Allow your cat to wear the equipment inside the house. It will drag the strap around. Give it time to get conditioned to the fact that it is fine to wear something. Reward it regularly. Give it wet treats when you slip the knot around its head. In a sentence, the cat must be comfortable with the harness.When you are sure your cat has no problem with the leash, it is now time to take it outside. Open the main door. Allow your kitty to smell its surroundings. Permit it to choose the walk direction. Do not take your cat the first time to a place filled with traffic. Noisy conditions will frighten your cat. Take him to a calmer place instead. Do be warned that your cat may try to escape at the slightest opportunity. It may do this once you open the main door. Make it amply clear that you will open the door only after it opts to wear the harness.

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