Is Grumpy Cat's Reign of Disapproval Over?

Is Grumpy Cat's Reign of Disapproval Over?

Since 2012, Grumpy Cat has grown intoย a behemoth as far as internet fame in concerned. He somehow transcended the usual

fickleness of the internet, staying relevant and growing in noteworthiness whileย others typically dwindle. He has been photographed with much of the Hollywood elite,ย likeย Jennifer Lopez andย Conan O'Brien, and even has his own line of Grumpy Cat merch - everything from books to a Grumpy Cat beverage.
AKA the Grumppaccino

But, like anyone at the top of their field, you have to expect challengers to arise with hopes of dethroning the king. And for Grumpy Cat, his time is nigh!Meet Garfi - pretender to the throne and arguably the

angriest cat ever. While Grumpy Cat merely expresses displeasure, Garfiโ€™s visageย brings a perpetual gaze of intenseย ire.
You can feel the disdainย radiating off his face!

Not only does Garfi have the goods in terms of a permanent look of disapproval, he also has a burgeoning presence on

social media

, with his initial Flickr album getting some 47,000 views, and new Twitter and Facebook accounts that have been gaining tons of traction.Yes, Garfi truly is positioned to be the next face of internet loathing. Just take a look at the magnificent malcontent for yourself.

"My heart grew two sizes today. Just kidding. I hate this."
"This is what I think about your homework."
"They help me see everyone that makes me angry. Oh, there you are."
"Sleep with one eye open."
"You will rue the day you snuggled me, human!"
"Oh I bet you think you are just SOO funny. Wait til later when I poop in your shoes."

Now, the only question is whether or not we will be seeing Garfi-brand swag in the next couple of months. Or, possibly, a Garfi holiday movie. Cause...yeah.

This. Is. Happening.
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