Is Giving a Dog Massage Crazy?

Is Giving a Dog Massage Crazy?

When many people have a sore muscle or achyย back, they turn to massage therapists to help alleviate the discomfort and relax. It turns out dogs are noย different. They can get similar discomfort and pain that you can help relieve by massagingย joints and muscles. Here are a few reasons why you should be massaging your canine companion and how you do it.According to The I Love Dogs Site, massaging your dog is a great way to lower his stress level. Giving him a light, calming massage when he's acting nervous or anxious can help him relax and show him that you're in control. But massagingย isn't just psychologically beneficial, - as the website explained,ย it also helps your dog's circulation."The act of massaging muscles improves circulation, which in turn benefits the entire body. Increased circulation helps with muscle recovery after exercise, and it can also help with conditions such as arthritis. The act of pressuring and releasing muscles causes blood flow to increase, which heals and benefits your dog's entire body," the websiteย explained.Massaging your furry friend, whether once a dayย or intermittently, can also give you time to bond, warm up before exercise,ย checkย for injuries and, of course, it can help reduce pain in dogs, especially those with arthritis. Arthritis can develop in a dog's joints because of injury or old age and cause pain and tension in the surrounding muscles as well as the affected joint.

How to massage your dog

Once you're sold on how useful this simple activity can be for your pooch, you'll need to learn the basics. Talk to your veterinarian about dog massaging to get a demonstrationย or additional information.But if you want to get started right away, Modern Dog magazine has

some simple suggestions for the basic types of dog massage

.For example, you can treat soreness and pain with ease. After activity or with old age, your pooch may be struggling to move, so find the troubling area and start petting it to warm it up, the magazine explained. Next, use your palms to compress the area and push the possibly built-up fluid out. Never push too hard or directly on the joint, which may be sore. Massage the area and end with soft petting.Use your


membership for supplements, medication and food designed to help joint health and treat arthritis while you massage your dog.

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