Is Exercise Safe For Pets Suffering From Cancer?


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It is tough to see our loved ones get infected with the terrible disease called cancer. And that loved one could be from any species. Cancer is a disease that slowly eats up the body from the inside. And while medications and various treatment options exist, it is very important to consider the well-being of the loved one. What else is life if one has not lived!Pet owners often ask whether their pets can exercise when they have cancer. Pets often love to run around and play but an onset of disease can seriously hamper this lifestyle. But their lack of enthusiasm towards fun and enjoyment is a clear indication that something is wrong.A simple answer to this would be the type and stage of cancer they are suffering from. If it is bone or muscle related, then perhaps too much strain may not be a good idea. If it is a small benign tumor with no signs of metastasis, then little bit of exercise may not be a bad idea. In fact, it can bring about a positivity to the environment.Again, cancers that affect the heart, blood flow, blood supply, oxygen supply, breathing and lungs may be sensitive to heavy work. In such cases, exercises must be kept to the bare minimum. Too much running around can have adverse effects.Pet owners must keep an important fact in mind โ€“ exercise does not cure cancer. Or at least thatโ€™s what current veterinary research literature suggests. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that doing exercise cures any form of cancer. Exercise may build up immunity and may boost the overall well-being of the pet and if that directly affects any type of cancer, then it becomes a different issue.In most cases, vets will suggest pet owners to reduce the physical activity of their pets when they are diagnosed with any type of disease. There may be multiple reasons for that. First, it may have serious consequences on the health. Second, the disease may spread. And third, pets may contract other diseases due to the one diagnosed. Cancer is a disease which is still under research and it has been established that cancers are not contagious and do not spread through the air or through contact. However, in cases like a transplant where the immunity is weakened due to certain drugs, cancers may occur.


How cancers occur is still under study and there is no singular reason for it. Pets affected with cancer can exercise provided it does not directly affect the cancer. In nay case, owners must consult trained vets before allowing their pets to exercise or perform physically tiring tasks.

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