Introducing Your Cat to Your Little One โ€“ What You Need to Know

Introducing Your Cat to Your Little One โ€“ What You Need to Know

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The excitement of adding a new member to your family is incredible. If you have a cat in your household, you should make it a point to introduce the two to one another. When done properly, everyone will have a great time. Perhaps, your furry four-legged feline can become your babyโ€™s first friend.

Since your cat has never interacted with a baby before, a proper introduction is essential. Your little one behaves in a different manner, which can be confusing to your feline. Use the guide given below to learn how to introduce your cat to your little one:

Before the baby comes home

Play baby sounds

Your baby is going to make a lot of noises when you bring him/her home. Any unknown voice is going to make your feline uncomfortable. The best way to prepare it for this change is to play baby sounds. You can use YouTube to find sample clips.

At first, keep the volume low, after which, you can increase it gradually. The goal is to accustom your cat to the sounds of a baby so that it doesnโ€™t overwhelm it when your little one comes home.

Introduce baby objects and smells

Months before you bring the baby home, you should get your cat used to all the new smells and objects. Items such as changing mats, playpens, and cots can overwhelm your cat if it doesnโ€™t have time to adjust to them. Make sure you keep them in the household so that the feline can become familiar with the smells.

Similarly, apply baby powder, soap, and shampoo on certain parts of your body. The trick is to allow the scent to mix with your smell so that it doesnโ€™t alarm your feline.

Once the baby comes home

Introduce the two

Now that you are ready to go home with your baby, it is time your resident meets the newest member of your family. Ensure the place where your cat gets to know the little one isnโ€™t its feeding or sleeping area.

Allow the cat to sniff the baby for a couple of seconds. Reward the feline for being calm, so that it knows to behave the same way in the future. Never force your cat to interact with your little one, as the entire situation can be quite stressful.

When you have a baby at home, it is all the more important that you make sure your feline is free of fleas and worms. Every time you interact with the cat, you should wash your hands, before touching your little one. Never leave the feline and the baby alone, if you are confident nothing is going to happen. Make sure you follow everything in this guide, so that your cat becomes comfortable with your little one!

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