Introducing A Kitten To An Older Cat โ€“ 4 Steps To Make Them Friends

Introducing A Kitten To An Older Cat โ€“ 4 Steps To Make Them Friends

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As cats are solitary by nature, they are not happy when they have to share their space. Due to this reason, getting a new kitten into your house can be challenging, when you already have an older cat. Even though the kitten wants to make new friends, your older feline friend may not feel the same.

Create a safe room

You canโ€™t just bring the new kitten and older cat face-to-face immediately and hope things will be okay. Instead, you should create a safe room, so that your kitten can understand the smells and sounds of your house. The best place for a safe room is a bedroom, as it has sufficient space for the kitten to explore. Make sure that all necessities are available such as food, litter box, bed, and toys.Your kitten should stay within the boundaries of the safe room for at least a week or two so that it starts smelling like your house. Due to this reason, your kitten will seem less of a threat to the older cat, allowing them to bond at a faster rate.

Collect and exchange their scents

For your cats to start getting comfortable with one another, it is important for them to be familiar with their scents. Use a cloth and wipe around your kittenโ€™s ears, chin, and face, as these are the locations of your scent glands. Do the same with your older cat to collect its scent.Exchange the towels and give them to the kitten and your older cat. The next step is to remove the kitten from the safe room and allow your resident feline to explore this space. Allow the feline to spend at least an hour in this space so that it becomes familiar with the kittenโ€™s scent.

Let them meet each other, face-to-face

Set up a baby gate at the entrance of the safe room, so that you can start the introduction process. As cats like to do things at their pace, never try to introduce them by force. Allow the cats to approach and sniff each other. They may moan or hiss, as this is their first meeting. If the cats start showing signs of aggression, separate them and try again the next day. Only proceed to the next step, if they donโ€™t mind each otherโ€™s presence.

Allow the kitten and older cat to spend time under supervision

The last step is to allow the kitten and the older cat to spend time, under your supervision. At first, the cats should bond over short sessions. Slowly, you can increase the length of the bonding time, till they are at peace with one another.These are the four steps which will help you introduce a kitten to your older cat, which allows them to become good friends. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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