Injured dog tails

Injured dog tails

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A dog uses its tail to balance and to communicate. A tail relays information to other members of its species. It assists the dog to swim and functions as a rudder. The tail helps the dog's owner to understand its moods. Dogs do suffer tail injuries, It is a pain to any dog and problems in the tail may mar communication with other dogs. If your dog injures its tail, it is your responsibility as an owner to treat it as swiftly as possible.The tails of dogs do contain bones. The structure represents the dog's spinal column in its terminal end. A standard dog tail may contain any number of bones between five and 23. The skin and fur covering the tailbone is identical to the rest of the body. A few muscles in the tail are involved in controlling the dog's bowels and bladders. This is the reason many tail injuries result in incontinence in dogs.

Injuries and treatments

Your dog can injure its tail in a number of ways. Different injuries need different treatments. Cuts and scrapes are the most common tail injury. These could happen due to multiple reasons, like fights with other dogs or any other animal species, or running into thorny bushes. Injuries may even happen if the dog brushes up against any sharp object. Cuts occur when a dog bites its own tail. This happens as a response to fleas, A few dogs suffer when they scrape their tail across the asphalt or cement.Simple first aid is sufficient for treating minor cuts. You wash the wound and apply triple-antibiotic ointment. Keep the area protected and clean until it heals. Major cuts are those where the blood flow will not stop. These are generally deep wounds or extend more than one inch. You must take your dog to a veterinarian if such an incidence occurs. These wounds need stitches and complex bandage arrangements.

Skin infections

The skin covering the dog's tail could be infected and it is treated in the same manner the skin in other parts of the body get treated. The afflicted area gets cleaned and the appropriate medications get applied.

Sprains and strains

The tendons, muscles, and ligaments in the tail of your dog could be sprained or strained like any other comparable muscle. This occurs due to overuse and may happen after some trauma. A number of dogs develop tail sprains if they swim too much. Hunting dogs are generally known to suffer tail strains after working the whole day. Most of these injuries heal by themselves after some days of rest. It is, however, important to take your dog to the veterinarian if such kinds of problems persist.

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