INCREDIBLE: Double Amputee Cat Runs Down Stairs Doing Handstand


That is the Boots, and as we can all see from the video, she is a two-legged ninja!


Photo from BuzzFeed

Boots was adopted by Megan Brocato when he was 6-weeks old, and had already had both of her rear legs amputated. At just 10 weeks old, Boots was left at the

Life is Better Rescue Shelter

in Denver without her two back feet. However, aside from her handicap, Boots was in great health and spirits.


Photo from BuzzFeed

While the reason for Bootsโ€™ amputations is still a mystery, the shelter does not believe in any foul play. Brocato told


โ€œWe believe this was an accident - perhaps sheโ€™d been closed in a door, or a recliner, something mechanical. We donโ€™t believe it was purposeful human intervention.โ€


Photo from BuzzFeed

While it took Boots a little while to adjust to her prosthetic legs, and the process was arduous for both her and Megan, eventually she began to get the hang of her new legs, as we can all clearly see in the video of her nimbly making her way down the stairs.Now, Boots is a well adjusted feline that is not about to let anything stand in her way.

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, it is time for her to be fitted with some permanent prosthesis, which should make getting around a little simpler for her (albeit possibly less acrobatic). In order to fit Boots for these permanent prosthesis, she is going to have to undergo surgery.


Photo from BuzzFeed

Good luck, Boots!

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