“I Have Your Dog and You Can’t Have Her Back": A Message to Dog Abusers Everywhere


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“I have your dog and you can’t have her back,” is the general sentiment of Brandi Glaske's Craigslist ad. While in most settings a phrase like that would be downright incriminating, given the unique circumstances surrounding this message, Brandi is far from overstepping her bounds.

Her post is in reference to her newly adopted pup, a paraplegic pit bull named Honey, and is aimed at the dog abusers that beat her puppy to the point of disability and left her for dead.

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Honey’s Story

Adopted from the Montcalm County Animal Shelter when she was just four months old, Honey was already abused and crippled. But that did not stop Brandi Glaske from taking her in and giving her a home. And from the moment Honey got into the Glaske car to head home, she has been living up to her name, constantly snuggling with the children of the family. She is especially fond of the youngest, and 18-month-old that is now constantly being showered with puppy kisses.

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And while the Glaske family was incredibly glad to have been given the opportunity to bond with such a special creature, Brandi still could not get over the fact that someone could be so callous as to abuse such a loving pup. And then to leave her alone out in the cold? These dog abusers had another thing coming.

The Famous Letter

Brandi took it upon herself to send a message to these anonymous abusers, posting a long letter on Craigslist detailing how well Honey is doing now. Not only does Brandi mention that Honey is in a loving home now, but she also makes a point of wishing some small evils on the people that did this to her beloved pup -- “I hope that you have trouble sleeping at night and that her sweet face and loving eyes haunt you daily.” Harsh, but not undeserved.

What makes this story even sweeter, beyond the fact that Honey has finally found a loving home, vets believe that -- with some strenuous physical therapy and no small amount of luck -- she could eventually walk on her own again.

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While it would be great for Honey to regain full mobility, even if it never happens (vets give it a relatively low chance of success) she is still an incredibly lucky pup with a family that loves her. Doesn't get much better than that.

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Source: Fox 17 - "I Have Your Dog and You Cant Have Her Back": Honey the Hopeful Pit Bull Makes Hopeful Strides

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