How To Turn Your Recyclables Into Healthy Dog Food

How To Turn Your Recyclables Into Healthy Dog Food

Purgedon Smart Recycling Boxes

Turkey is really thinking outside the box with this one. This new program, established by the eco-conscious company


, is now popping up in select locations around Istanbul, and stray dogs and environmentalists alike are elated.The program, as unlikely a combination as it may sound, aims to incentivise the countries use of recycle bins by giving stray dogs a meal with every bottle deposited.Thatโ€™s right -- for every bottle inserted in the machine, out comes a

scoop of kibble

into a basin at the foot of the machine, thereby providing a meal for the countries otherwise underfed stray dog population.And with an estimated 150,000 stray dogs throughout the city limits, this program could do a great deal towards giving these poor dogs a

higher standard of life

.As in dogs, just like anyone else, healthy dog food is essential. However, most of these dogs live on scavenged scraps -- either from handouts or dumpster diving. But that is not enough. Healthy dog food needs to be the cornerstone of their diet.The machine itself is entirely solar powered, and theย device can hold up to 800 bottles or cans, so maintenance and upkeepย only need to happen every once in a while. What that means is that, for the most part, this machine requires minimal servicing, providing food and a place to dump recyclables without much effort.So feed the machine, feed a stray. Its a win-win!If the program does well, it will likely spread to other areas that are swarmed with strays, helping to keep the streets clean while feeding those dogs in need.

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