How To Trim the Nails Of Your Cat?


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Does your cat disappear when you bring out the


? Does he need a wraparound towel every time he gets a manicure? According to animal behaviorists, it is essential that the nail trimming session be calm and enjoyable. The following tips will help your cat relax while getting his nails trimmed and make the session enjoyable.

  1. Set the mood โ€“ You should get your cat used to the idea of nail clipping when he is a kitten. Choose a quiet room and make your cat sit down on your lap. The best time for this would be when he is sleepy and relaxed or in a postprandial stupor. Make sure that he is not spying on birds or wild animals outside the window and ensure that there are no other pets around.
  2. Get friendly with his paw โ€“ Gently take your catโ€™s paw in your hands and massage it for five seconds. If he pulls away, donโ€™t pinch or squeeze. Just follow his lead and maintain gentle contact. When he calms down, give the pad a small press so that the nail juts out and then release his paw, and give him a treat. Do this on a different toe every day till you get to know all ten of them.
  3. Get familiar with the clipper โ€“ Your cat must get used to the sound of the clipper before you use it to trim his nails. Make him sit on your lap, put a small bit of uncooked spaghetti on the clipper and hold it near your cat. If he sniffs the clipper, place a treat on top of it for him to eat. Then proceed to massage the toes of your cat and press the toe pad gently. Now release the toe and give her a quick treat.
  4. Never cut till you reach the pink part โ€“ The pink part of your catโ€™s nail, also known as the quick, is where all the blood vessels and nerves are. Donโ€™t cut till this sensitive area. Just snip the clawโ€™s white part. It is better to be more careful and cut less of the nail instead of accidentally cutting this area. In the event that you do end up cutting to the quick, you can stop the bleeding with the help of some styptic powder. Make sure you have some nearby when you trim.

Trim the nails of your cat once every two weeks. If he refuses to let you do it, ask a groomer or his vet for help. Never shout at him or punish him if he resists. It will only make him fear the experience more, making it difficult for you when you want to give it another go-around.

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