How To Treat Ringworms In Cats


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Ringworm is a generic term given to any fungal infection formed in the skin's superficial layers. It also affects the nails and the hairs of your kitty. This disease can happen in multiple animal species, humans included.


The name โ€œringwormโ€ comes from the fungal infection's appearance. It takes the shape of a round and red ring raised above the surface of the skin. It is to be noted that contrary to its name, not all infected areas show the ring. The dermatophytes, a special variety of fungi, causes the ringworm infections. The medical name of this condition is thus dermatophytosis.Any cat with ringworm will suffer from skin lesions on the forelimbs, head, and the ears. This disease leads to bald and flaky patches which occasionally appear red at its center. Mild cases have dandruff or the redness gets restricted to a local area. Severe infections could infect the entire body of the cat. A few cats could carry ringworm spores but will not exhibit any symptom.

Infection and treatment

A cat can be infected with a ringworm when it directly touches an infected animal. It can also get indirectly via contact with materials like bedding and dishes which were contaminated with infected animals' hairs or skin cells. The spores of the ringworm are tenacious and could survive for a year under hostile conditions. Any species of cat could surrender to ringworms but it was observed that kittens below a year and older cats are vulnerable to infection. Immunocompromised cats can also get infected. The fungus swiftly spreads in crowded environments and warm shelters. Ringworm infections are more likely to happen in humid and warm conditions.It is to be kept in mind that ringworm is self-limiting. Resolutions will happen within five months. The disease is treated to minimize infection spread towards humans and pets. Children are not permitted to come near it. The standard method of ringworm treatment is to employ a mix of topical therapy with systemic oral therapy. Other environmental contamination should be eliminated to make the treatment a successful one.If your cat has ringworms, then sometimes the cat could be given topical treatment to cure it. The most common method is to combine with any oral medication. A number of ointments and creams are sold to be rubbed on the local skin which is affected by the ringworm. If the affected areas are few, like two or three, simply shave off the hair from the affected part. The most popular anti-fungal drug is usually thegriseofulvin. Do the full course, as any laxity on your part will cause the disease to relapse.

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