How To Train A Guard Dog

How To Train A Guard Dog

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Training your dog to become a guard dog requires a lot of time and patience. This training not only protects you and your family from threats, but will also make him comfortable and well behaved in everyday scenarios.Guard dogs are trained to alert their owner by barking or growling and are typically never trained to be attack dogs or to respond aggressively.


Proper socialization is essential to train your dog to be a good guard dog and the best time to begin this is when your puppy is between three to twelve weeks old because beyond this age, they become increasingly cautious and are difficult to socialize. When your dog is well socialized, he will be comfortable in his normal environment. He will also be less fearful and more relaxed but will still retain a dose of healthy suspicion for unfamiliar and potentially dangerous situations.Ensure that your dog is aware of your territory. Take you dog around your property regularly for it to identify your territorial boundaries and it is important to not allow your dog to bark at people who are outside your property. Under any circumstances, do not allow your dog to ever attack people.Training your dog on basic obedience is a key factor to an obedient guard dog. You should make him respond to your commands like sit, stand, bark and most importantly to cease barking when commanded to. Begin by teaching your dog to โ€œSpeakโ€ on command and praise him if he responds by barking. Next, command him to stay โ€œQuietโ€ and immediately give him a small treat if he keeps quiet. Practice this training everyday consistently and begin training at the puppy stage itself and this will eventually give you control over your dog whenever required. For this, you can also send your puppy for obedience training classes wherever available around your neighborhood. Some agencies even provide at-home training services.Another important aspect of your training is encouragement and strengthening his confidence. Always encourage your dogโ€™s bark announcing strangers who enter your property by going to see why he is barking, praising him followed by the โ€œQuietโ€ command. Build his alertness by having people the dog doesnโ€™t know to act like they are entering your house and ask them to flee when he barks while you praise him. Ensure to never encourage your dog to chase anybody within your premises.

Key Factors

Always remember that your dog is very sensible and equally sensitive and it is very important for you to train them right, from the puppy stage itself. Encourage your dog, praise him, be playful but always ensure he knows who is alpha.

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