How to Take Care of Orphaned Kittens


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Taking care of an abandoned or an orphaned kitten is a rewarding process, but it can be challenging. Kittens need constant monitoring and care. The first step in taking care of an orphaned kitten is to take it to the vet to check its overall health and age. Once youโ€™ve done that, you can start with the rest.


Now that you are committed to taking care of the orphaned kitten, you have to provide a warm and safe home for it. Kittens usually stay warm by cuddling with their siblings and mother as they are unable to regulate their body temperature. The new home for your kitten should be placed in an area that's warm, but not too warm. Placing heating pads under the box is a great way to keep your kitten warm. Also, change the sheets regularly to prevent them from getting soiled.


To feed your young kitten, you need a kitten milk replacer and additional feeding devices. The majority of the people will use an ink dropper or a syringe to dispense the milk. You can also use a nursing bottle, but not every kitten will be able to suck milk from one. The first time you feed your kitten, it will only drink about a tablespoon of milk. Over time, your kitten will begin to eat larger quantities of food. You should know that you canโ€™t feed cowโ€™s milk to your kitten as it causes gastrointestinal problems. During the first two weeks of the kittenโ€™s life, you need to feed it every two to three hours. After two weeks, they need to be fed every three to four hours to

stay healthy



Once your kitten is three weeks old, you can start feeding it meat-based and watered down kitten food. To make it easy for the kitten to eat, mix the food with water to give it a soup-like consistency. Ensure that the kitten gets fresh food every day and that the size of the meal isnโ€™t too much. Over time, you can start feeding it dry kibble that is high in fat and protein.

Potty training

Kittens are unable to defecate or urinate by themselves until they are two to three weeks old. Usually, the mother gets its kittens to defecate or urinate by licking the genitals and anus. You can also simulate the above action by using a moist and warm towel and rubbing it gently near the genital and anal areas. You should do this action after every meal. Once the kitten becomes four weeks old, you can train it to defecate in the litter box.By following these simple instructions, you will be able to take care of your orphaned kitten without any hassles.

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