How To Take Care Of Blind Dogs



Blindness can be painful and frustrating. It can be worse for dogs because like any other animal, they depend a lot on their sight. If you are worried that your blind dog will find it hard to survive the everyday challenges, then youโ€™re wrong. He only needs a little help from his best friend โ€“ you, to live a happy life. Hereโ€™s how you can help your blind dog have the life that he deserves.

Donโ€™t do things that involve sight

One of the most common things that involve sight is fetching games. Your dog usually depends on his sense of sight to run around fetching things. However, if he is blind, it can be tough and therefore you should modify the game. Instead of toys use treats and try restricting the game to a short distance. Help your dog depend on the other senses to play and move around. Additionally, you can use toys that make a particular sound when thrown.

Training the other senses

Now that your dog is blind, your training method should change too. Help him adjust to the new life by giving him sound, smell and touch training. Teach your dog to recognize things in the house by the way they sound or smell. For ex., you can tie a bell or an object that makes a particular sound on the door. That way your dog will know when the door opens and closes. You can also take common objects from the house and teach him how each feel on the skin.

House re-arrangements

It is very important that you make changes to the way your furniture lies about the house. Make a separate place for your dog where you can keep all his favorite toys. Include the food and water bowl as well. Donโ€™t change the position of the arrangement and allow your dog to settle down there. Additionally, donโ€™t change the position of the furniture in the house too frequently. It will confuse your dog.


Taking care of blind dogs is not tough at all and you can give them the same life they would have with their sense of sight still working. Your dog is bound to use the other 4 senses more actively and so you must also ensure that everyday activities do not involve anything that involves sight. Give your training for the other senses and make changes around the house depending on the same. Use sounds and smells on the toys and on different objects around the house. Also, keep a separate place for your dog in the house with toys and food and water bowl. It is easy to take care of a blind dog if you follow these tips.

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