How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

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If this is your first shot at pet parenting, then you need to prepare your home so it is a safe environment for your new puppy. Puppies are curious, and love to explore objects in and around the house, by biting, tasting and touching them. Much like how you would proof your home if a toddler was coming in, you want to proof your home before it is puppy-ready.

  • Puppies have a tendency to go after objects that smell like their owners. Yes, this means, that your new puppy is likely to pick up your shoes and clothes when it is lying around, and turn it into their favorite toy. Make sure you put these away, whether in a show cabinet or a closed laundry hamper.
  • Seal off stairwells with the help of a baby gate if needed. Keep the windows and doors closed, or your puppy may escape or fall through. Also, do not close the door without checking first; your new puppy may be following you around.
  • Make sure someone is around when your puppy is outdoors. Ensure you have adequate fencing outdoors so your puppy does not make its way out by either digging or jumping over.
  • Keep your puppy safe from diving into the trash can or toilet bowl. Make sure the locking lid of the trash can is secure firmly in place or your pet may get its paws on toxic substances. Leave the bathroom door closed at all times and the toilet lid closed as well.
  • Puppies like to lodge themselves under or behind furniture. You want to watch out for sharp furniture edges and other hazardous puppy hiding places and seal them off.
  • Jewelry, coins, pins, needles, clips, staples, bands, erasers, string, yarn, ribbon, board-game pieces can be easily swallowed by your puppy. Put them away so they are out of reach and scan every area in the room before you leave to see that none of these objects are carelessly strewn around.
  • Household chemicals, cleaning agents and medication can be poisonous for your little pet, and can have fatal effect if consumed. Make sure you safely lock these products away in their designated cabinets so your puppy cannot access it. Install child-proof latches to be doubly sure.
  • Loose hanging cords can be hazardous to puppies, who might just think of them as playing objects. From minor shocks that cause burns to electrocution, there is no saying how things will end, if your puppy gets its paws on these electrical cords. Put these cords out of reach or use chew-proof PVC tubes, so there are no accidents.
  • There are many foods that are toxic for puppies, which are normal for humans. Keep these foods stocked away.
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