How to protect your dog's paws from hot pavement


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Walking outside with your dog is an enjoyable activity. Many owners forget that during hot summers, the hot pavement may burn their dog's paws. If you love to walk around with your dog, then it is vital you look into this matter. Matters could turn worse as the temperature of the road surface can be high enough to cook food. To understand how hot it can become, touch the road with your palms. If it is scalding, envision how your dog suffers. If you have a pup, do not bring it outside under any circumstance. You can take a few precautions in this regard

Walk the dog only when it is cool

This is obvious but many owners ignore it. As an owner of a dog, you must be mindful of all the times you take your best friend out. The dog's paws will not scald during winter, spring, and autumn, but may do during summers. The ideal time to walk the dog is during late evening time or in the early morning. The pavement will be cool at that time of the day. Do not take your dog walking in the afternoon. The sun will be blazing hot overhead and the pavement unfit for any paw.

Toughen the dog's paw

Make your dog walk more on the pavement during congenial times of the day. It will make its paws tough over a period of time. The rough road surface will acclimatize her paw to hot surfaces over time. In case you must take your dog out in the middle of a summer day, why not walk the canine on the grass and in the shady areas. Avoid paw burn by staying out of the road and pavement. The best place to walk a dog when the sun is directly overhead is on a grass-filled park.

Moisturizing helps and paw wax

It is a good initiative to toughen your dog's paws. It should not, however, be too dry. If this happens, the feet will be vulnerable to cuts, cracking, and peeling. Having any of them will make the paws susceptible to hot pavement burns. It makes excellent sense to daily moisturize the dog's pads, especially during hot weather. Use a special cream specially created for this purpose. You can spread paw wax on the dog's paw before walking to protect the animal from multiple chemicals and surfaces.

Dog shoes are good

These are an excellent way to protect the paws of your dog from multiple harmful surfaces. The dog will be saved from a number of potential injuries if it wears shoes. The shoes must properly fit your dog. There could be a danger if they do not.

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