How to Prevent Fleas From Biting Your Pet

How to Prevent Fleas From Biting Your Pet

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If your pet scratches excessively and you notice black specks (flea dirt) on your pet, then there is a good chance that your pet is suffering from a flea infestation. If the flea infestation is just minor then a simple bath in lukewarm water should help eliminate the fleas. If itโ€™s more serious, then you want to bathe your pet with an anti-flea shampoo immediately. Of course, the effects of anti-flea


are not long-lasting, and here are some other

flea treatment

methods you can use to completely get rid of fleas.

Spot treatment

Apply spot medication in all the problem areas. These medications immediately get to work and bring the flea lifecycle to a stop. Their effect does not wear off due to exposure to water. They will keep fleas away from your pet for weeks, after which you will have to re-apply it. Despite what the name may suggest, these medications actually extend their effects to the whole body, as the oil glands transfer them from the problem sites to other areas in your pet. While flea powders are an effective way to repel fleas, they may leave your petโ€™s coat all itchy and dry.

Flea collars

Flea collars can be a better solution than spot-on treatments as they last for months, unlike the latter whose effects wear off within a few weeks. These collars emit a gas which helps repel fleas. They also have an active flea infestation remedial action wherein the medication infuses into the petโ€™s skin and spreads through the skin oils to kill any fleas that are present. Just make sure that the collar is not left hanging once secured around your pet, as you do not want your pet to chew on it. You want keep a close watch on your pet after securing the flea collar, to see if he has an allergic response to it, in which case you want to remove the collar immediately and try some other flea treatment.

Keep your home flea-free

If you have found fleas on your pet, then there is a good chance that other places in your house that are frequented by your pet are infested by fleas as well. Yes, that means merely treating your pet with anti-flea medication will not help, as there are flea larva, pupae and eggs strewn around the house. Wash your petโ€™s belongings in hot water to eliminate the fleas. Vacuum your home thoroughly to get rid of any fleas that are still in their early stages of their lifecycle. You can use sprays to clear out fleas inside your house. Clear your garden off fleas with a pest control treatment.

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