How to Prepare For an Overseas Holiday With Your Dog

How to Prepare For an Overseas Holiday With Your Dog

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An overseas holiday often means flying with your four-legged canine friend. Not all pets take to flying, and some of them can in fact find it quite stressful. Traveling by ferry or train may be a better choice if thatโ€™s the case with your pet. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for an overseas vacation with your pet.

Pet carrier

Not all pets are allowed to travel with their owners in the flight cabin, only some small pets are allowed to do so. Of course, some dog breeds such as mastiffs, pitbulls, tosas and Staffordshire terriers are not allowed on certain flights at all. If your pet does not fall in either of these categories, then you want to arrange for a

pet carrier

or crate. You want to ensure that the carrier is approved by the airline authorities. The next step is to get your pet comfortable with the idea of spending time in the carrier. If your pet is used to running around freely, he may not take to the crate that easily. You can either place any of your old clothes or their favorite toy in the crate, so they associate the crate with something positive. Once your pets gets accustomed to the carrier, you can take short trips in your car so they get used to the idea of traveling while in the crate.

Meet the vet

Take your dog to the vet before your overseas holiday. Apart from a general check-up, the vet will ensure that your pet is up-to-date with rabies vaccination,


medicine, and others, so he/she is travel ready. Some airlines may require you to produce a note from a vet that says that your pet is healthy. Different countries have different requirements on the tests and vaccinations that pets need to be administered, before they are allowed.

Get your pet travel-ready

If your pet shows signs of aggression or anxiety when left alone, then you want to discuss the same with your vet, so you do not face any issues while traveling on the flight. Make sure you pack your petโ€™s food, medications, toys and other knick-knacks for the trip. You also want to arrange for any food or drink that your pet will need during the journey. Get a pet passport, and have your pet micro-chipped before the trip.You can take your pet for a long walk before you board the flight, so they are less prone to get anxious during the journey, and are more likely to doze off after the physical exertion. Try feeding your pet hours before the journey, and not give them food until about 6 hours leading up to it. Make sure your pet is hydrated, before and during the journey.

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