How To Plan A Road Trip With Your Cat

How To Plan A Road Trip With Your Cat

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Road trips are awesome and everyone should try it at least once during their lifetime. However, road trips with pets is an entirely different ball game. Even if you understand your pet you never know what they might end up doing during the trip. Sometimes pets get lost or they run off and it can be a scary experience for you as an owner.Cats are mysterious creatures and sometimes itโ€™s impossible to tell whatโ€™s going on in their mind. Here are some tips to follow while travelling with a cat.

#1 Carry identification

Identification is a must for your cat since itโ€™s better to be safe than sorry. Take a picture of you and your cat and write down your phone number and address at the back. This is the best identification youโ€™ll ever need and itโ€™s easy for people who find your cat to contact you.

#2 Keep plenty of food and water

A road trip without food! You must be kidding, right? This is what your cat will tell you if you forget to pack his food. Also, make sure your cat is well fed and hydrated enough for the road trip. Carry plenty of food and water and your kitty will thank you for it.

#3 Familiarize your cat with the vehicle

Cats are choosy creatures and are extremely cautious about their environment. Make sure you familiarize your cat with the vehicle youโ€™ll be travelling in. If you donโ€™t want your cat to throw a tantrum in the middle of your trip, take some time out and help your cat get used to the vehicle.

#4 Carry an emergency kit

An emergency kit should contain all important items that might be needed for your cat along the way. Things like identification document, leash, food, water, medicines, toys and poop trays are some of the important items that should be included in the emergency kit.

#5 Donโ€™t keep your locked up all the time

While itโ€™s understandable that you donโ€™t want your cat to wander away here and there, you should also realize that not letting your cat could also result in his running away. Cats like to explore and so, give him the opportunity to look around the place when you make a pit stop. Of course, keep him on a leash all the time.


Road trips with pets are different from road trips with people because itโ€™s not always easy to gauge what an animal might be thinking. For cats, it becomes difficult because they can be fussy and throw a tantrum during a road trip can be dangerous. However, the above tips should help you get the best out of a road trip with your cat.

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