How To Pick The Perfect Pet Name

How To Pick The Perfect Pet Name

Bringing a pet home for the first time is one of lifeโ€™s greatest joys. To prepare for your new palโ€™s arrival, youโ€™ll need to select




, a


, household supplies, and oh yes, a name! The sooner you begin using your buddyโ€™s new name, the sooner theyโ€™ll learn it and start feeling right at home. So how does one come up with a good pet name? Check out these useful tips.

General Tips For Choosing A Pet Name

When it comes time to choose a pet name, consider these basic guidelines:

  • Pick a name that your pet will easily understand. One or two syllable names tend to be the best.
  • Avoid names that sound similar to command words. The name โ€œBoโ€ might be too close to โ€œNo,โ€ for example.
  • Avoid names that sound like the names of other people or animals living in the house. Is your son named Jack? Donโ€™t name your dog Max.
  • Donโ€™t change the name of a shelter pet or pre-owned pet. Trying to a force a new name on your pal may confuse them and make them feel anxious.
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How To Come Up With A Pet NameReady to start brainstorming names? Need a little inspiration? Here are some ideas:Pull From Pop CultureAre you a movie buff? TV fanatic? Music enthusiast? Bona fide bookworm? Why not take inspiration from your favorite form of entertainment? If youโ€™re a David Bowie fan, you could name your furball Ziggy. Do you love the Star Wars movies? How about the names Obi, Yoda, or Leia? The possibilities are endless when you look to what you love.Answer The Call Of NatureNature is filled with loads of lovely names for pets. If you have a fluffy Chow Chow dog, you could name them Bear! Or how about a gray kitten named Pigeon? There are plenty of great flower and plant names, too. We like Aster, Quince, Fig, and Tulip.Explore Other CulturesConsider your breedโ€™s heritage when choosing a name. Do you have a German Shepherd or German Pinscher? Check out some German human names, such as Wendel or Bamey. Bringing home a Persian cat? Look up Persian names like Gita, Ebi, and Lila.Pick From The Most PopularLooking for a name that is a guaranteed winner? These are the top dog and cat names of 2013 according to 5 Female Puppy Names:1. Bella2. Daisy3. Lucy4. Molly5. SadieTop 5 Male Puppy Names:1. Max2. Buddy3. Charlie4. Rocky5. CooperRELATED STORY:ย The Most Popular Dog BreedsTop 5 Female Kitten Names:1. Bella2. Lucy3. Kitty4. Luna5. ChloeTop 5 Male Kitten Names:1. Oliver2. Max3. Tiger4. Charlie5. SimbaRELATED STORY:ย The Top Cat Breeds In The U.S.Once you choose a name for your pet, start using it right away, but only when you want to get your petโ€™s attention. If you use it too often at first -- for example, in conversations with your significant other โ€“ your pet may simply think itโ€™s just another common word.When you do use your petโ€™s name, offer them praise, attention, and treats when they look at you. Eventually, your pet will recognize their name and you can stop rewarding every acknowledgement.How did you come up with your pet's name?ย Leave a comment and let us know, and consider signing up for PetPlus, aย benefit program for pet owners that provides member-only access to medications at wholesale prices, plus discounts on food, supplies, boarding and more.

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