How to Make Your Cat Fall Asleep

How to Make Your Cat Fall Asleep

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You love your cat, but it disturbs you when you sleep. There are times when you wished that you and your cat should follow the same sleep schedule. The good news is such a scenario is possible. However, you may have to discipline your cat during the initial days. Patience is another element which is needed to make this scheme a success.ย  Remember that your goal is to hug the furball and fall asleep.

Keep it active during the daytime

If you want to make your cat sleep at nights, it should be active during the day. An active cat during the daytime means a sleepy kitty during the night. Your cat should have something to play within the mornings and during the daytime. You can also play with it in the evenings after work. Take the cat for a brisk walk after putting a leash on it. Do keep in mind that you should bond with the cat. The toys must not be a substitute for you bonding with your kitty. The best toys for your cat are the puzzle toys with your feline's favorite treats inside them. These toys stimulate the brain and make your cat much happier. Do not buy toys that come with a string. The cat could choke on it.

Do not worry if your cat takes a nap after a few hours. Adult cats sleep for 16 hours a day and kittens even more. Allow your cat to sleep as much as it wants as long as it gets exercise during the daytime. If you want to make sure that your cat will fall asleep during the night, play with it just before you hit the sheets. The play should last a minimum of 10 minutes. Start with energetic actions and slowly wind down. If you do it every day, your cat will figure out that it is time for bed after this activity.

Food before sleep Give it a meal after it plays with you. Majority of cats love nothing more than to take a long nap after a meal. When you give your cat good food, you are practically making sure of yourself enjoying a good nights' sleep. It also helps that you place a perch close to your bed. This is as cats enjoy comfortable and high perches from where they can observe the surroundings. Give the cat treats as it sits there, while you get ready for bed. The cat will then get comfortable with your sleep-time routine and will not disturb you from that point onwards. If your cat wants to explore the bed, then allow it to do so. The bed has your smell on it, and the cat makes a positive correlation with that smell.

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