How To Make Your Cat And Dog Get Along Well

How To Make Your Cat And Dog Get Along Well

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Cats and dogs are opposites in nature. The idiom, โ€œfighting like cats and dogs,โ€ didnโ€™t just come from nowhere. It has been said that cats and dogs are borne enemies. That doesnโ€™t have to be true. A happy household is a healthy household and that also applies to your pets. They donโ€™t always see eye to eye and that is because they donโ€™t communicate the same way and not because they were born with an immortal hatred for the other. The trick to getting them to cooperate with each other is to help them communicate better. Here are a few ways that you can help your dog and cat live together in harmony.

Make Some Changes To Prepare For The New Arrival.

Just like siblings do, our pets can also have occasional disagreements. Install a cat door on a door that leads to your catโ€™s favorite room to create a quick escape for her if she feels like she needs a break. Provide her with a litter-box and some water. Feed her in that room without the presence of your dog. Stack some boxes or get some tall furniture for your cat so she can watch your dog from an elevated position.

Consider Both Their Ages.

If youโ€™ve decided to adopt a dog, a puppy might be a safer bet than a full grown adult dog. Mainly because the size difference is less profound when theyโ€™re both small creatures. The puppy will also learn to respect your catโ€™s boundaries and limits.

Know The Background Of Your Dog.

When you adopt a dog, make sure you know about his previous history with other animals before you make the big jump. Make sure that heโ€™s able to safely interact with other cats.

Know The Background Of Your Cat.

If your cat has a history of being attacked by a dog, you might want to skip bringing a dog into your house altogether. That will just jeopardize her sense of safety.

Some Dog Breeds Are Known To Get Along Better With Cats.

While cats have a flee policy, dogs have a chase policy. Some dogs donโ€™t have that strict instinct to chase their prey. These dogs are the ideal choices for selecting a housemate for your cat.

Exercise Your Dog Before You Introduce Him To Your Cat.

Take your dog on a long walk or play an energetic game like fetch before you introduce him to your cat. If your dog has exhausted most of his energy exercising, he wonโ€™t be able to overwhelm your cat with his overenthusiastic greetings.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash On The First Time He Meets Your Cat.

Meetings between different species are known to be overly tense due to the difference in body language. The friendly and playful gestures can be gestures that intimidate your cat.

Monitor Them Closely For Any Signs Of Animosity.

If you see your dog being overly aggressive to your cat or your cat hides whenever your dog comes around, you should consider getting a cat or dog trainer to help you with this problem.There are harmonious cat and dog relationship. Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs donโ€™t have to hate each other. It takes some getting used to but once theyโ€™re used to each otherโ€™s presence, itโ€™s all water under the bridge.

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