How To Make Natural Tick Repellent At Home


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A dog chasing its tail may look cute, but it also might have a deeper cause than just his regular curiosity. He just might be suffering from a tick attack. Since he will not be able to tell you, how much those ticks are causing a nuisance to your dogโ€™s life, it is highly advisable that you keep a look out over his general well-being. And you can watch out for the following:

Signs he is suffering from a tick
  • He is scratching and is visibly irritable.
  • You find scabs on his body.
  • If you see a bump on your dog, it just might be another sign of tick bite.
  • Fever and shortness of breath is also common among dogs due to tick bites and might be a precursor to Lyme disease.
  • Be on the look out for ticks at your home, if you see one, you should know that your dog might be enduring a tick infestation.

It may be a great bonding experience for you and your pooch to venture into the woods or any unattended areas, but it is advisable to watch where you are going. Avoid bushy areas. Keep your home tick free. If you wish to ensure more protection to your dog against ticks and organic is your choice, you can go ahead and try these:

Natural tick repellent
  • Apple cider vinegar has natural repelling effects to ticks and bugs due to its acidic property and pungent smell. Fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar and one part water and one teaspoon of baking powder. You can spray this mixture all over your dog but do make sure not to over do it. Before spraying do check if your dog has any cut or bruises and avoid spraying over the wounds.
  • Palo santo or the holy wood has amazing properties. It can be found easily as a common essential oil called Rose Geranium Oil which you can mix with your dogโ€™s regular shampoo and go ahead, enjoy a splashing tick-free bath.
  • Dip your dogโ€™s collar in a potion of Rose Geranium oil and almond oil, mixed equally.
  • Use a lemony repellent. To make the repellent, cut and soak lemon overnight in a pint jar of boiling water. Use the spray in the areas between the paws, armpit and, base of the tail.
  • Diatomaceous earth is a widely known safe option to use as tick repellent. Do use the food grade variety. You can either mix it with water and spray or even you can dust it lightly on to the fur.

Any of these methods alone or in combination will work wonders in tackling tick menace. Remember precautions against tick bite will protect your pet from many diseases.

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