How to make kittens less afraid of humans

How to make kittens less afraid of humans

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Hiding, scrambling, freezing in place. If you have a kitten who hides, scrambles or freezes in an area, you know how heart-wrenching it can be. Experiences like abuse and trauma affect the way cats interact with humans, and he or she may be afraid to trust human caretakers.Here are some of the ways to help your kitten be less afraid of human beings.

  1. Create a personal space for your kitten.Leave one room in your house dedicated to your cat alone. It gives your kitten enough room to calm down and feel familiar in one place, which in turn builds his/her sense of security in your house.
  2. Do not coddle your kittenBe sensitive to your kitten who is afraid of human beings. Give him/her some time to warm up to you and others slowly. Do not try to run after a scared kitten and respect the distance he/she wants to keep.
  3. Bond with your kitten through play.If your kitten has gotten enough confidence to come out of hiding, even if he /she is lurking around the edges of the room, you should start some gentle play. Start the game by calling for his/her attention with a toy and if he/she seems interested, slowly start moving the toy around and make sure that throughout your interactions, be mindful of your body language. Stay low, so you appear less threatening. Petting your kitten during play time and rewarding him/her with a treat after play-time will encourage this behaviour.
  4. Blink slowly at your kitten.When you get a kiss from your kitten, you will notice that they kiss you, while slowly blinking which shows that they trust and love you. You can return the feeling and express the same thing. When your kitten looks at you, slowly close your eyes, keep them shut for a second, and slowly open them again. Youโ€™ll notice that your kitten is starting to relax a little when he/she returns the gesture.
  5. Keep the door open and provide escape routes.When you play with your kitten, make sure that his/her room is open. It ensures that your kitten will feel safer. Your kitten will know that he/she can run into their safe spot if they want to.Give your kitten lots of shelves and other methods of moving all around the house.
  6. Spend some quality time in your kitten's safe room.Read a book, catch up on some paperwork and spend time in your kitten's room. Talk to your kitten in a soft, soothing tone so that your kitten can get used to your voice.
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