How to Locate a Missing Cat?

How to Locate a Missing Cat?

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Your cat has disappeared from the house. Either he got outside when you opened the front door and were not quick enough to grab him, or he pried open the screen or located the exit and is now outside. If you were lucky enough to watch him escape, you probably have a good idea where he went. But if you have no clue, how do you locate him?

Take precautions

Before we get to that, let us just take a look at some of the measures you can take to prevent something like this from happening. Place a micro-chip on your cat. Most vets across the country offer it now. It is an inexpensive and safe way to track your cat. However, there are certain drawbacks with microchips. Not all vets or shelters have a handheld device for scanning which is universal to almost all the chips. Your best option is to find a chip that is used in your area. Micro-ships are completely non-invasive and can be scanned easily through a scanner ID. You can take the collar off and remove the ID tag if you want to.Keep a photograph of your cat ready. Make sure that it is not just a face shot. A full body shot is better for identifying your cat. Investigate the agencies that will help with identifying your pet. Aid-A-Pet based out of Gresham in Orgeon, Lost PetServices, Friskies, Petfinders and Infopet are some of the organizations that are equipped to answer questions and safeguard your feline friend. You can find more information about all the agencies on the internet.

How to locate your cat once he goes missing

Here are a few tips to help you find a lot cat and bring him back home safely:

  1. Take a cardboard box and flip it upside down. Cut a hole the size of your cat and place it outdoors with bedding. Weigh down the bottom and make sure your cat can return to it. Place water, food and the litter pan nearby.
  2. Search for your cat in the night. Go out with some food and a flashlight. Get a few cans of good cat food, stand out and pop open the can or shake the treat jar. The sound of it will travel quite well in the dead of night, and there is a good chance that your cat will appear just minutes after you open the can.
  3. Print fliers with a picture of your cat and offer an incentive to whoever finds him. Post them at grocery stores, feed stores, vet offices, and anywhere else you possibly can. Make sure that you post them at eye level. Donโ€™t shove it down mailboxes. That can get you into trouble. Walk the neighborhood with the fliers and put them on telephone poles. Talk to the neighborhood kids, the UPS driver, the paper boy, the mailman or anyone else who walks your neighborhood.
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