How to Live with Cat Allergies... and Your Cat! Tips and Tricks for Reducing Your Allergic Reaction to Your Cat

How to Live with Cat Allergies... and Your Cat!
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Just because you're allergic to cats doesn't mean you have to live without them. Find out how to reduce your allergic reaction to your furry friend.

If you’re a cat owner with allergies, you know that it can become agonizing to live with your cat, let alone cuddle and pet them. The pet you love so much is the same one that causes an agony of sniffles, itchy eyes, and running nose. Don’t despair: There are a few simple steps you can take around your home, as well as habits you can form with your pet, that will help to quell your cat allergies, and make it possible for you to live together in harmony with your cat. Find out how!

Banned From the Bedroom

Although sleeping with a purring cat is very cozy, your bed is one of the worst places to expose to cat dander. Keep your bedroom door closed, and make that area is off-limits for your cat so that pillows and bedding remain allergen-free. You can also think about making other areas of your home that you frequently occupy cat-free zones to limit your exposure to allergens.

If you don’t ban your cat from your bedroom, wash your sheets in hot water frequently.

Set Up Good Cleaning Habits

It’s cat dander that’s the most likely target to get allergic symptoms started, so make an effort to remove the dander as much as possible by setting up a good cleaning schedule: sweep and mop frequently, or best of all, use a HEPA vacuum daily on your floors. As well, limit the amount of carpet in your home, since it traps dander.

Clean Your Cat

Regularly washing and brushing your cat will help to reduce the amount that your cat sheds and spreads dander. Aim to do both frequently.

Clean Yourself

After petting your cat, avoid touching your eyes as much as possible. Always wash your hands after touching your cat to avoid prolonged contact with the allergens.

And Clean the Air

An air purifier can also help to reduce the cat’s dander in the air. Air purifiers clean the allergens from the air, and also trap stray cat hairs.

By following these preventative tactics to limit your exposure to cat dander and adopting a few new cleaning habits to put in your housekeeping rotation, you can potentially greatly reduce your allergic reaction to your cat.

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This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian with respect to your pet. It has, however, been verified by a licensed veterinarian for accuracy.

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