How To Leverage Technology To Outsource Pet Care


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When it comes to our pets, we always tend to want the best of the best. There are a lot of up and coming apps that help you feed and walk your pets but are they really worth the money?We now live in the electronic age โ€“ the age of smartphones and tablets. The age where ordering food and hailing a cab is as easy as the touch of a finger. In this digital age, what kind of apps can you trust to actually summon a person to walk your dog? Is that something weโ€™ll ever get used to?Pet tech is an up and coming industry consisting of multiple apps that claim to help you better take care of your pet. This includes surveillance cameras that have laser pointers attached to them in order to play with your pet while youโ€™re away, treat dispensers that give out treats automatically, and other apps that will connect you with dog sitters or walkers in your vicinity.However tempting these apps sound, most of them end up being just gimmicks used to entice you in order to take your money. There are only a few apps that are actually useful. These include apps that hire dog walkers, apps that lets you board your dog at someoneโ€™s house for a time being, and pet location tracker apps.

So what is the best tech out there?

Only a few pet tech apps stand out when compared to the millions of apps already out there.

Here are a few examples:
  • Wag โ€“ an app that lets you instantaneously hire a pet walker.
  • DogVacay โ€“ an app which is the animal equivalent of Airbnb.
  • Whistle โ€“ a tracker app which lets you monitor your petโ€™s location at all times.

The Wag app is one that should be given special consideration. Just like hailing a cab, it lets you summon a pet walker with no pre-booking whatsoever! It is efficient and thorough from the very beginning and is not likely to let you down at all. Thereโ€™s even an option where you can follow the walk on your map. So youโ€™ll be aware of your petโ€™s location at all times.DogVacay is an especially important app for business men and women who have to travel a lot for work. The app lets you keep your dog at an actual personโ€™s house instead of a boarding service which will usually cost extra and tends to be less efficient. With DogVacay, you can book your dog into a comfortable house. Itโ€™s basically like a slumber party for dogs.Whistle is a rather useful app. Animals tend to get lost a lot. No matter how familiar they might be with the neighborhood, as soon as theyโ€™re in a big enough crowd, itโ€™s easy for us to lose them and vice versa. Whistle lets you track your petโ€™s location at all times. It even logs the amount of time that your pet has been active.You could even use the Whistle app to track the outcomes of your other two apps!

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