How to keep your pet's food fresh

How to keep your pet's food fresh

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You wouldn't drink that funky looking milk that's been in the fridge for the last 2 months, would you? Just like human food, pet food does go bad if it is not stored properly. You may not know when your dogs food has gone bad because you're not the one eating it but you're pooch will know and may sometimes not eat when his/her instincts scream no.

How do I store my pet's dry food?

Dry pet food must be stored in a dry, cool place preferably a cupboard with a temperature of under 100ยฐF (38ยฐC). Anything over this temperature accelerates the rate at which the food degrades. It is preferable to store the food in an environment in which you have some measure of control over. Storing food in a basket outdoors or in your garage is a bad idea because of the unpredictability of it. As far as possible, try to keep the dry food in its original packaging. High quality dog and cat food is packaged carefully to keep out the elements. Dry food should be consumed 6 weeks after opening the bag. It is okay to leave kibble out in the open but do not leave more than your pet can consume over 24 hours. Leaving kibble out for longer than 24 hours in not advised.Unopened canned food will stay fresh for a couple of years when kept in a cool, dry place. Once opened, canned food should be kept in your refrigerator for no longer than 7 days. Pet food can be expensive, if you'd like to save money on canned food, consider freezing each individual serving separately so that you can slow down bacteria spread by thawing on an as needed basis.

  1. If you'd like to keep your dry pet food for longer than 6 weeks, consider putting the food in its original packaging in a secondary container. Glass and stainless steel work here. Having two layers of protection will keep your pets food fresher for longer.
  2. Wash the glass or stainless steel container regularly. Washing it every time you replace the bag of food is a good idea. Fat from a previous bag can make the container a playground for bacteria.
  3. If you know what your pets food is supposed to smell like, you'll be able to tell when the food has gone bad. Train yourself by taking a quick whiff off your pets food when you open it so that if the food goes wonky, you'll be able to tell.
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