How To Keep your Pet Dandruff-Free


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Dandruff is definitely not on the top of the list of the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world. They are also a sign that your pet has dry skin. Read on to find the best ways to deal with dandruff problems. After all, your pet is named Fluffy and not Flaky.

  1. Regular grooming โ€“ If you brush your petโ€™s hair on a daily basis, not only will he feel good, it will also help keep his fur shiny, smooth and burr free. It also helps in distributing the natural oils in the coat and massages the skin. The brush you choose is going to make a lot of difference. If it is very soft, it is not going to be of any help. If it is too stiff, it will just end up aggravating the condition. Remember the story of Goldilocks โ€“ you want a brush that is just right!
  2. Spritz away โ€“ Make sure you do not grab the first product you see on the shelf. Get special pet oils which are usually available in spray bottles at holistic pet shops and spas. They are formulated to soothe the dry skin and lock in all the moisture. Your pet will get a break from all the pesky dandruff and also get pampered salon style.
  3. Splish and splash โ€“ Make sure you give regular baths to your pet. When dealing with dog or cat dandruff issues, there is nothing as useful as regular bathing to keep all the dandruff at bay. There are plenty of moisturizing, organic pet shampoos and conditioners. You also have products that are specifically designed for tricky dandruff issues.
  4. Moisture plus - If you have a high quality, completely natural hand cream (especially one with colloidal oatmeal), you can go ahead and uses it on your pet. It can work wonders on dry skin. Apply some of it to your hands and massage it deeply into your petโ€™s fur. Make sure you get it against the skin. Your pet will also like it. After all, everyone enjoys a good massage every now and then.
  5. Dandruff shampoo โ€“ You have specially designed anti-dandruff shampoo for pets. If the problem has gotten beyond control, add some of it to the regular bath of your pet to help him deal with the problem.
  6. Diet โ€“ Pets need a considerable amount of good fat in their diet to keep their skin supple and their fur shiny. You can switch their diet to a holistic, high quality pet food. You can also supplement their regular diet with oils which are designed specifically for pets.

Now that you can utilize these handy tips, your pet will soon be on his way to a dandruff-free existence.

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