How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Fireworks


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If you are a dog owner then you know that the Fourth of July is a very stressful time for your dog. Fireworks and loud noises during this time of the year can terrify any dog and make the whole experience traumatic and distressing for them.Dogs get petrified and try to hide to isolate themselves from all the noise.Here are some tips to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks.

Tire your dog out

Take your dog out for long walks and make sure that he gets plenty of exercise. The physical exhaustion will tire them out and your dog is likely to sleep through the fireworks. Keep your dog in a closed and airy room with his favorite toys and a bed. This will keep them at ease and will protect them from wandering out due to stress.

Distract them

Use interactive toys to keep your dog distracted during fireworks. An engaging toy will catch your dogโ€™s attention and they are less likely to pay attention to whatโ€™s going on around them. Treat dispensing toys work best in these kinds of situations.

Keep doors and windows closed

Keeping your doors and windows closed will block out most of the noise during fireworks. Your dog will not experience much stress if they are kept as far away as possible from the sound of fireworks.You can also drown out the noise by turning up the volumes of your television or radio.

Make sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag

Dogs tend to wander away when they are stressed out by the noise of fireworks. They become restless and can get lost easily in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Make sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag at all times and also keep a recent photo of your dog with you. Make sure that the contact details in the ID tag are updated.

Behave as normally as possible

If you act strange around your dogs. If dogs detect something amiss in the way you behave their stress levels will climb several notches. They will become restless and stressed. In order to calm your dog, it is important to stay calm and composed yourself. Keep reassuring your dog and be with him as much as possible.

Get your dog used to the sound

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe during fireworks is to get them used to the sound of fireworks. Trying playing sound clips with fireworks and train your dog to be calm and obedient during this time. Slowly increase the volume and intensity of such sound clips and all the while encourage your dog to hold up his own. Remember to be firm but patient while training your dog,.

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