How to Introduce Infants to Dogs?

How to Introduce Infants to Dogs?

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Finally, after waiting for nine months, the day has finally arrived when you have to go to the hospital for your babyโ€™s birth. Having a baby is the most beautiful and wonderful thing in life. As canines are receptive to your feelings, your dog will already know that something is going to happen. However, that doesnโ€™t mean that your dog will be comfortable with your infant. Luckily, if you follow these tips and introduce your infant to your dog, you wonโ€™t face any problems.

Get any of your infantโ€™s items home

Before you get your infant home, you need to make sure your dog is familiar with your little one. You can bring any item that has the scent of your infant, such as any clothes or blankets. Allow your dog to smell these items so that it is familiar with the scent of your infant.

Keep your dog outside and bring the infant home

As your dog will be super excited to see you home, you need to make sure your dog is outside when you bring the infant home. Ask someone to take your dog out for a long walk or play with it, while you bring the infant home.

Allow your dog to greet the mother

Before you start the introduction process, allow your dog to greet the mother. As your dog hasnโ€™t seen the mother for a day or so, it will find it hard to control its excitement. Before you move on to the next step, make sure your dog is calm.

Control your dog while introducing your infant

Start the introduction process between your infant and your dog. As your dog is still unfamiliar with your infant, make sure you put it on a leash. Donโ€™t force your dog to meet your infant. Allow it to take its time and praise it for calmly approaching the infant.

Avoid scolding or punishing your dog

If your dog doesnโ€™t behave properly when it is approaching or when it is with your infant, avoid scolding or punishing your canine as it shouldnโ€™t associate your baby with negative emotions. Instead, try to calm your dog down before starting the introduction process.

Keep up with your dogโ€™s daily schedule

Dogs donโ€™t like it when there are changes in their daily schedule. As you have a new family member, it can be challenging to maintain your dogโ€™s daily schedule. However, you should stick to it, as it helps in the development of a positive relationship between your dog and your infant.

Never leave your infant and dog unattended

Even if your dog is comfortable with your infant, you should never leave the two unattended as accidents can happen. If you have to go out of the house, make sure there is someone to watch over the two.Follow these simple steps to introduce your infant to your canine. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment below!

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