How to Identify a Dog Breed by its Looks?

How to Identify a Dog Breed by its Looks?

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Itโ€™s always a good thing when you choose to adopt a dog from the shelter instead of buying one from a kennel. Not only are you rescuing the animal, you are also giving yourself a loving companion that will always stay by your side.There is, however, a small drawback to adopting a dog from your local animal shelter. You may not get enough information about your dog, especially regarding its breed. While it is not uncommon to find pure-bred pedigree dogs at the shelter, you are more likely to find cross-breed canines.It is not very difficult to identify a Husky, Beagle, or a Great Dane, but there are new breeds being created through cross-breeding. Even dog professionals can sometimes be baffled with these new breeds. The easiest way to determine a dogโ€™s breed is through its physical appearance. Studying its behavior will also help.

Identifying a dogโ€™s breed by its appearance

If youโ€™re confused about a dogโ€™s breed, start with its looks. Study its appearance and pay attention to specific features.

  • Check if the dogโ€™s coat has short or long hair. If it has long hair, find out if the hair is straight or curly
  • Identify the dogโ€™s predominant color. Many dogs comes with two or more colors
  • Next, study the dogโ€™s ears. Is it long, floppy, tipped, hooded, or pricked? There are many types. You could check online for the right term
  • Pay attention to the dogโ€™s tail. There are many types of tails too - sickle, docked, curly, etc.
  • Dogs come with different shaped heads - domed, flattened, or square. Some dogs heads face up while others face down. Different breeds also have different nose types
  • If you have a puppy, you will have to wait for it to grow a little so you know how big it can get. There are small-sized dogs and then there are large ones. You can eliminate certain breeds according to your dogโ€™s size, weight, and height

Once you have thoroughly checked these features, you can conduct your own research online. Start with pedigree dogs that have similar features as your canine friend. Even if you do not have an exact match, you can rule out many breeds. You will be left with a list of possible breeds that your dog may have descended from. If your canine pal is a pedigree, you will be able to determine the breed easily.If you still are unable to narrow down possible breeds, it is always a good idea to take your dog to the vet. They are experts and are familiar with thousands of breeds.

Is breed important?

Despite the breed, all dogs are loving, wonderful animals. Even if you have adopted a mongrel, he will show you undying affection and loyalty for as long as he lives. Do not go by their breeds. Love your dog no matter what kind he is.

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