How to help your dog if they have trouble sleeping

How to help your dog if they have trouble sleeping

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When dogs grow old, it becomes tougher for them to get a peaceful night's sleep. This could be due to a number of factors like sleep pattern changes, general discomfort in their bodies, or any kind of illness. As an owner, you could do a few actions to make them sleep better. It is a good idea to make a few changes to the lifestyle of the dog to promote sleepiness. You should also treat illnesses which stops the dog from getting a proper rest.

Get a better sleeping place

Similar to humans, dogs also require a better place for a quality sleep. With age, dogs also suffer more pains and body aches. In case your dog appears to be restless at night, it clearly requires a warmer and softer place to sleep. You can buy a cushioned dog bed for this purpose. Your dog will love the padding. Lead your dog to its new bed and offer it a treat when your dog finally gets on its new bed. Ensure the bed is positioned in a good ventilation area. The aim is to make the dog comfortable, which it cannot achieve in a stuffy room.If the dog bed is located in an area normally awash with light, buy heavy curtains to keep down light levels during day-time. In case your dog suffers from bad eye-sight, install a nightlamp to make them feel secure at night.

Make it tired

The surest way to make your dog sleep soundly is to make it tired. If your dog sleeps during the day-time, it will be a hard task to make him sleep during the night. To counter this, make your dog as much tired as possible. Do take the various ailments into account while making them exercise. Try a slow and steady walk. Play the game your dog loves the most. Offer it bones or food puzzles it can chew. In short, do anything and everything to make sure that the dog does not sleep during the daytime.Another way to ensure that your dog gets a good night's sleep is to make it habituated to a sleeping schedule. Any canine which goes to bed at different times will have a tougher time to enjoy a quality sleep cycle. Set a sleep schedule and make your dog understand that it must sleep as per the schedule you set for it. Your best friend can then sleep much better. Do keep in mind that since it is your dog, you must also follow a sleeping schedule. Your dog looks up to you for guidance. It is important that you keep your side of the deal. If all of these does not work, try medications.

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