How to Have a Happy Easter with Your Pets

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Easter is a time of welcoming spring and frolicking outside -- what a perfect day for our pets, too!We've rounded up the best tips to make sure your day goes off without a hitch, and to add some fun for your four-legged family members:

Make an Easter Basket for Your Dog

- We've hand picked the best toys and treats that'll have your dog hopping for joy, including a treat search game that'll mimic the fun of an egg hunt!

Tips for a Pet-Safe (and Fun!) Easter

- Some of the people-favorite fun of the holiday can be hazards to our pets, like chocolate and Easter lilies. Learn what to avoid, what to do instead, and how to have a perfect Easter with your whole family.

How to Make an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog

- Get all the tips on picking the "eggs," hiding them for your dog, and sharing the Easter fun.

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