How to Get Rid of Dog Poop?

How to Get Rid of Dog Poop?


No matter what breed your dog is, there is bound to be poop to clean up multiple times a day. The old fashioned way to get rid of it involved a shovel and a pail or garbage bag. Some were not so careful and would leave poop be as they walk away from the scene. If you were/are one of these people, remember that dog fecal matter contains harmful bacteria that can make humans sick. Regular cleaning is a must and if you let your dog do the deed in public then you have to clean up immediately. There are different ways to get rid of the poop, pick and choose one that's good for you.

Bagging It

This is similar to the old fashioned method of shovel and bucket. Nowadays,

pooper scoopers

have been invented to make the job easier and as quick as possible. Once bagged, you either throw away the bag or flush the contents down the toilet. If you are environmentally friendly, invest in some high quality compostable, bio-degradable bags that are better for the environment.

Burying It

If there is an area in your backyard that you can designate a poop spot to, then dig a hole and teach your dog to excrete there. The spot you pick must be away from the house or common places of activity, so as to avoid the stench. An eco-friendly alternative is to install a dog waste digester in this spot. The digester is a tiny septic tank that collects the poop. Once you add water and digester mix to it, it dissolves the poop and drains it out in the form of water. Make sure that the ground around the digester is soft enough for water to be absorbed. The digester also must not be placed near the garden for obvious reasons.

Dog Waste Removal Services

You read that right! There are numerous services out there that are willing to drop by your house and clean up after your pooch. If you have a large yard, an untrained dog and no time for clean up, consider using these services. It's easy to find these services on the internet and they come around once or twice a week to make your yard pristine again. Most of these services are available at reasonable prices.

Flushing It

If you plan to flush your dog's waste and do not want to look before flushing, there are water soluble bags that you can use. These bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol and are eco-friendly, degradable and non-toxic. A word of caution, if you are planning along walk when it's raining, these bags will decompose so have alternate options ready.

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