How to Freshen Up Your Dogโ€™s Breath?

How to Freshen Up Your Dogโ€™s Breath?

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Dog owners who live with a pack of dogs know how it is when they get extremely affectionate and try to bestow kisses upon you. As a pet owner, you do not want to hurt their feelings by refusing a smooch. But if your dogโ€™s breath is giving you the breath penalty, you can motivate them to keep their mouths halitosis free and healthy. Here are a few tips and tricks that will freshen up your dogโ€™s breath in no time.

  1. โ€œDog breathโ€ is not normal โ€“ if you leave it untreated, sick gums and teeth lead to life threatening problems. So make sure that you brush the teeth of your dog at least once every week. If your dogโ€™s face is small and pushed in, you need to brush their teeth daily as the conformation of their mouths leaves them even more vulnerable to decay. Use toothpaste that is made especially for dogs and pick a flavor that your dog likes.
  2. Provide Fido with raw bones that he can chew on โ€“ One of the most common sources of dog breath is tartar buildup on the teeth. Gnawing at a bone can polish up their pearly whites. Frozen bones are an excellent option. You can serve them straight out of the icebox. Make sure that the bones are not chopped up as they can pose a choking or splintering threat. If you are going to get them from the local butcher, ask him to cut up the bones crosswise to about five inches in length.
  3. Dental chews are the go-to alternative โ€“ Before you decide on the dental chew, bear in mind that not all of them are created equal. Look for a chew that has cinnamon, chlorophyll and clove. Do not freak out if your dogโ€™s poop is on the greenish side โ€“ that is just the chlorophyll doing the work. You can also try adding cinnamon to the meals of your dog or include fresh wheatgrass in their diet. Raw chlorophyll is a great breath freshener.
  4. Let the good outnumber the bad โ€“ You want to make sure that your dogโ€™s mouth is populated with more beneficial bacteria than harmful ones. This is where probiotics kick in. Go for a probiotic that is made especially for dogs. You will notice a huge difference not only in your dogโ€™s breath, but also his overall well-being.
  5. Make sure your pantry has coconut oil โ€“ Coconut oil boosts the immune and digestive systems as well as the metabolic functions, apart from combating bad breath. Just add a teaspoon of it to your dogโ€™s food every day and you will notice that his breath gets sweeter. Moreover, they love the taste of it as itโ€™s practically a sweet treat for them.
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