How To Feed Your Cat Healthily On a Limited Budget


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It can get expensive to keep a pet. Not only does a pet require your time and effort, monetary investment too is required in raising a pet. If youโ€™re on a tight budget, this may come across as a problem. No pet owner wants to let their pet go because the cost of keeping them is taking a toll on their budget. While there are plenty โ€œcheapโ€ food options available for cats in the market, these are usually detrimental to the catโ€™s health. One should weigh their options in while investing in these low-grade food options for their cat. Once sick, a trip to the vet will cost them more in the long run than choosing to buy medium-cost quality cat food.

Know where to save

On top of that, cats have complex nutritional needs. They need over 40 nutrients in their daily diet for healthy body function. Leftovers and scraps from your plate wonโ€™t meet your catโ€™s diet needs. Buying โ€œcompleteโ€ prepared pet food ensures a nutritionally balanced meal. They are available across all cost-ranges and wonโ€™t necessarily empty your pockets.Researching before you shop for your catโ€™s food can save you a great deal. Visit the websites of different cat food brands and look for their loyalty discounts/coupons. Many cat food brands offer deals to new and returning customers.

Cost per Feed, Not Cost per Kg

Donโ€™t calculate the cost of feeding your cat in cost per kg of cat food. Instead, learn to calculate in cost per feed. The amount you need to feed your cat can vary greatly according to the kind of food you are feeding it. It is important to go over the feeding guidelines printed on the packaging here. Buy big bags or multipacks to reduce cost per feed.Wet food significantly costs more due to their packaging. Switch to dry foods to save up.Pick up trial cat food packs whenever offered. It is a splendid way to not only feed your cat but find out what it fancies eating for further reference.Practice portion control. Donโ€™t overfeed your cat. Two helpings of food per day is enough for a fully-grown cat.Make your own cat food at home. Experiment with different cat food recipes. Maybe try the recipe for a treat, for starters. Donโ€™t forget to include animal-based proteins. Cats require a lot of calcium and bone matter in their diet.Ask your vet for pet food samples and coupons. They usually have plenty of both.Set up a delivery subscription. Not only will this save you a trip to the supermarket, it will save you some cash too. PetCo, Amazon are among a couple of websites that offer discounts on delivery subscriptions.

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