How to Dog Proof Your Catโ€™s Litter Box?


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Did your four-legged canine friend manage to sneak into your catโ€™s litter box to snack on its feces? Although it is weird, there is a reason why your dog is exhibiting this behavior. Cat food is rich in protein, but your feline doesnโ€™t digest the entire nutrient in every meal. The problem is that even though it causes diarrhea or nausea, your dog canโ€™t stop itself from eating your felineโ€™s feces as it is tasty. As you want to bring an end to this absurd behavior once and for all, here are four ways to dog proof your catโ€™s litter box:

Clean the litter box as often as possible

It is common knowledge that you need to keep your catโ€™s litter box clean. However, if you are to stop your canine from snacking on your felineโ€™s excrement, you should try to clean the litter box as often as possible. For starters, the moment your cat uses the litter box, you should scoop up the waste immediately.You can also change the litter and wash the box on a regular basis. If you are unable to clean the waste as you are at work, then you should consider purchasing an automatic cleaning cat box. The advantage is that this device will clear out the feces when your cat is done attending natureโ€™s call.

Keep the litter box in an elevated area

A simple solution to keep the litter box out of reach from the mouth of your canine is to keep it in an elevated area. For example, you can keep it on top of a counter top or a spare table as dogs donโ€™t jump on these objects. While using this technique, make sure that your canine cannot reach the box by standing on its legs. The only downside is that if you have a geriatric feline, this plan may not work.

Place the litter box behind a cat door

If these solutions are not working because your canine is smart, then you should consider getting a cat door. For this method to be successful, you have to keep the litter box inside a closet, a bathroom, or spare bedroom. However, make sure that you close the door after use, to prevent your canine from sneaking inside.

Utilize a baby gate

The last technique is to utilize a baby gate, which is a great tool in keeping your dog out of your catโ€™s litter box. Place the litter box in one of the corners of the room for maximum effectiveness. If your dog is great at jumping gates, then you should elevate the baby gate, while giving enough space for your cat to crawl under this deterrent.These are the four ways you can dog prof your catโ€™s litter box. Do you know any other way you can stop canines from exhibiting this habit? If yes, feel free to leave a comment below!

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